Weekly RoundUp #1

It is a bit hard to have a weekly round up on day #1, but lets try. Below are some links that ended up in my offline reader this week.


We don’t just ship widgets. In a world where platforms (Amazon) are taking as much market share as possible you need to stand out. What makes you special?

This lead me to the following Youtube video from Simon Sinek about finding your Why. Great inspiration for finding the motivation behind our company.


You can never have enough Google Foo and Pagespeed never thinks your website is fast enough.

Preloading a webpage when a user hovers his mouse above a link is a great way to shave a few hundred milliseconds of the response time of your website.


Alex Stamos, ex-Chief Security officer of both Yahoo and Facebook, has been in some interesting places when things went badly wrong. The title of the article is a bit of a misnomer, the content is actually more of a biography.

The Reading List

As a webshop owner I am more less required to read a lot. You need to keep up to date with everything from packaging materials to search engine optimization and everything in between. All this just to ensure your e-commerce project keeps on track and hopefully growing.

I maintain this website to log the various online and offline resources I consume and maybe comment on them.